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Tom Faulkner


To Cindy, Matt & Allie - I totally recognize the sacrifices you all have made that allowed me to pursue my music dreams. Thank you for believing in me ... even today.  I love you all dearly.


To Adrian Cabello - All these years later, I would have to say ... this would not have been possible without you. Your talent, vision, time, love, faith, and most of all, your friendship, carried me.  Perhaps one day again.

To the amazing musicians who tirelessly performed in the band, in the studio and on stage:
Dan Wojciechowski, Sean MCurley, Bob Gentry, Jamey Perrenot, Kirwan Brown, Brady Mosher, Benita Arterberry, Lois Peeples, Cavin Yarborough, Pat Peterson, Jennifer Peterson, Jim Bradley, Pat Coil, Tommy Young, Roland Elbert, Milo Deering, John Hobbs, John Bryant, Wayne Toups, Tim Harris, Jorge Ginorio, Jay Saunders, James Govan (RIP) ...

and Dr. John (RIP).

To the amazing engineers and assistants who helped create the sounds in the studio: Ron Morgan, Tom "Gordo" Gondolf, Adrian Cabello, Tim Kimsey, Jamey Perrenot, Ruben Ayala, Kerry Crafton, Steve Tveit, Nelson Blanchard, John Berka; and the mastering engineers, Larry Seyer and Eric Conn,

To the artists & designers who made the images possible: 

Jason Bouwman in Burlington, ON, Canada, for his amazing paintings, graphics and CD design on Raise The Roof.

Mike Wilson of Michael Wilson Photography in Dallas, TX, for all the fantastic photos on both CDs.

Don Sibley for his wonderful design work on Lost in The Land of Texico.

To all the wonderful people who worked tirelessly on the original website, especially: 

Suanne Terry, Steve Calhoun, Todd Linton, Jeff Spiller, Andrew Wilson, Billy Jack Simpson, Jeremy Mays, Brice Beaird, Chris Sizemore, Eran Kriegshauser and John Berka.

To all those who have helped over the years with sound and stage support on the live shows: 

John Seydler (RIP), Karen Cangemi, Bill Donovan, John Berka, Todd Linton, and the amazing engineering of Paul "Pappy" Middleton, Tom "Gordo" Gondolf, Tim Kimsey.

To all my friends in the music industry who have been so encouraging over the years, especially: 

Stephen Arnold, Michael Hearne, Jon Christopher Davis, Zane Williams, Beth Wood, Susan Gibson, Brice Beaird, Big Al Bettis, Ginger Brown Williams, David Card, Michael Clay, Tom Douglas, Willis Alan Ramsey, Davide & Anita Facchini, Kylie Ray Harris (RIP), Trout Fishing in America, Jimmy Stadler, John Muzyka (RIP), Robin Creasman, Stacy Dean Campbell, Terry London and all the folks at Troubadour, TX., Brett Dillon, Mentor Williams (RIP), Buzz Cason, LeAnn Phelan, Rodney Crowell, Deryl Dodd, Jack Ingram, Ray Hair, Ray Compton (RIP), Jamie Cohen (RIP), Tony Mac, Jim Nash, Tracy Lynne, Paul Brandt, Billy Block (RIP), Charles Kitch, Jim Olson, David Fleischman, Ronnie Raphael, Steve Chrismar & Kimbo Davis (RIP).

To all my friends who have opened their doors, venues and/or their hearts and made it possible to perform all the years, especially: 

Bill Donovan, The Pedersons, The Schrievers, The Tredways @ In The Music Room, The Austins, Abby Abernathy, The Woods and all the folks at Possum Kingdom, Carla Sheeves and James Reesby, The Smauders, Bob & Polly Hamp, Tim Phillips, The Heisers, John Cook (RIP), The Goodmans (RIP - Barney), The Kinchens, Phil Cullum, Paul Lee, Al Johnson (RIP), The Birbaris, The Snyders

To all those who have, out of the blue, come forward to encourage me, especially: 

Francesco Calazzo, Rick Koster, Bill Steenbergen, David Simmons, Wally Lynne, Cliff Ford, Capt. Carl Gandy, Peter Link, Monte Baxter.

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